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Weekend – weather

Last Saturday I was on the West Coast helping one son move. This Saturday I’m on the East Coast helping another son (and his family) move, and the weather is not cooperating.  It’s so cold and wet here!

But the weather won’t stop us because there is so much work to do. As you can see, we are very busy!

the weather won't stop us

the weather won't stop us











I hope your weekend is full of fun, even if there’s work to do! 

The weather went from snow to rain, but it didn't stop the fun                                      



This last week has been a busy one, full of surprises and change. For the first time since starting my blog, I have actually missed a few days of posts. It doesn’t matter how carefully I plan things out, life can get hectic and have unexpected twists and turns.

I was able to get a few posts on my FaceBook page and Instagram account to update those who follow me there. But I’ve not had a free moment to post here on my blog.

My intention was to have several posts done and ready, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

Surrounded by fire…

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How do you alleviate stress?

For me, beach time alleviates stress. It’s almost impossible to hang on to stress or worry when I’m at the beach.

For me, it's beach time, that helps with stress

I’ve been feeling stressed these last few days, trying to get everything done before leaving on Weds for the East Coast. I have a hard time allowing myself time to fit in fun or even time at the beach.

Do you do that? How do you get rid of stress when you have so much on your plate?

Finding courage

My oldest son graduated from high school in 2002. Which was the same year I got my real estate license, and the same year things started to change for me.

Recovering from divorce takes time, and money. I had spent the time healing from it, taking care not to drink or do anything destructive. That is except date a guy who was destructive.

How I missed the signs of emotional abuse from the beginning is beyond me.

He was an angry controlling man who lashed out at me and his daughter. What a complete mess I was in. I wrote before that it would take three events for me to finally break free of him. Continue reading

Weekend – moving

Busy weekend helping someone move. Why is moving so hard? 

What is it about moving that is so difficult?

Whether one room or many, moving is a difficult process. Why is that, do you suppose? We are helping one son move this weekend, and then I’ll be heading East in a few days to help another son and his family move.

I’m excited that all of our kids will be in California soon. We will have a full house for a few days, while everyone gets settled in, but that will make for a wonderful Christmas.

Make it a great weekend…no matter what you are doing.

A calendar of emotions

Have you ever associated an object with an emotion?

I hate desk calendars. I just recently bought one to pull the pages off and stick to the refrigerator. I thought it would be a good way to keep track of my schedule with diet and exercise.

But it didn’t take long to realize it was a source of contention for me. Let me back up and explain. Continue reading

Finding my way

When 2000 rolled around, I was a 40-year-old single mother of two teenage boys, starting over with no education or career. My job had been, stay-at-home mom, helper, maid, taxi service, farmer and wife for a lot of years. Starting over was not going to be a cakewalk.

At the time I thought 40 was old, or at the very least on the verge of old. I was embarrassed to be starting over at such a rip old age. Oh what I wouldn’t give to go back and tell that young lady a few things. Now I’m closing in on 60 and trying very hard not to see myself as old again.

starting over at age 40

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Let’s do this together weekly video – sabotage

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating about why it is that I can’t lose weight. I get to a certain point, and get stuck there. Then the weight creeps back on, back up to the original 168. Argh. Could it be sabotage?

But I may have figured it out. I love it when I can work through a problem and find the root cause.

Yep, pretty sure I found the reason.

What do you think?

Do you have A Best Friend? Or are do you have Several Best Friends?

Is that even possible, to have more than one best friend? Isn’t it by definition a singular position?

I spent today with my best friend, Estelle. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and I was so excited to see her. Wow, that does not seem possible. She lives part-time in Southern California, just two hours from me, so how did we not see each other in so long?

The good news is it doesn’t really matter how long it’s been. We pick up right where we left off and don’t skip a beat. We’ve known each other for a very long time and are like sisters even. Continue reading

A Conscious Thing

Have you ever let someone else’s words dictate how you act, or react? I have. It’s not even a conscious thing, more of a subtle reflex really.

I denied that I have exercise-induced asthma for years. Partly because I try not to own a condition, like “I have asthma” or “I have ‘whatever’ ”. I don’t want it to define me. But another reason I ignored my asthma was because of what other people have said to me.

I’ve heard asthma described as a fake disease, or one that kids who need attention have. And I’ve heard this more than once, from several people. I wonder why that is? Why do some people decide that a condition is fake or nonsense? Continue reading

Weekend – in preparation

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are in full-scale preparation mode for December, but maybe not how you’d imagine. We need to buy gifts and get the house decorated, but there is so much more going into this year’s festivities.

Today we are preparing by getting John fitted for a tuxedo. We have a very special formal event in December.

I have never seen that man in a suit, so I am excited about this one! Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Our Thanksgiving started a little rough this year. We live in an old Victorian that was converted into apartments and the plumbing is about 100 years old. We have one tiny bathroom that is right off our kitchen and this morning wasn’t pretty.

The shower backed up with black water. Eww.  Continue reading

Let’s do this together – video – Holiday prep

It’s been a busy week preparing for Thanksgiving. Just a quick video to pop in and say hi and thank you, for encouraging me, supporting me, and cheering me on!

Thank You!!

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Turkey Trot

I love Thanksgiving week. Most people have a short workweek, and are planning menus and family get-togethers. I just finished my grocery shopping and bought way too much food for our small gathering on Thursday.

But I’m okay with having an abundance of food in the coffers. It makes me feel like I’m a good ‘provider’, having lots of food in the house. I’ve stepped up my exercise game so to speak, also. John and I have been walking at least 5 miles each day, and I’ve put in time at the gym too. Continue reading

That sinking feeling

What would you do without your cell phone?

I lost my phone yesterday. In the Pacific Ocean. I’m usually very careful with it and I even knew putting it in a loose pocket while at the beach wasn’t a smart idea. Continue reading

Weekend – Gratitude

I love all of the Thanksgiving posts that are flooding social media right now. I’ll admit I can be one of those people who get caught up in mainstream news, which brings me down pretty fast.

So it’s nice to see a few posts about food, and even more about gratitude. Thinking about this past year, I realize I have so much to be thankful for. And there is one person that has made this year possible for me.

My John. Continue reading


Thanksgiving is just a week away. For some reason, the last three months of the year seem to fly by much more quickly than the beginning of the year. It’s like when you have kids. As soon as they become teenagers, it feels like a minute goes by before they are grown and out the door.

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons why I like Thanksgiving so much is because of those kids. They loved everything I cooked and did for the holiday. We used to trace their little hands onto different colored construction paper and cut them out to make paper turkeys. Continue reading

Authenticity is the new buzz word, and I believe a new online movement as well.

Last week, a woman I follow on social media posted a story and video of herself that completely changed my view of her. She is beautiful, stylish, upbeat and lives in a beach town. My view of her was, “how lucky”. I only saw one side of her, that is until after her video.  Continue reading

Attention Seeker – my daily commute

I’m one of the lucky ones. I get to live in a city that not only has bike lanes, but also the weather that inspires year round bike commuting. So I ride my bike.  I haven’t driven my car in months. Looking at the bank account, the last time I put gas in my car was August 21, 2017 and it was only $11.85.

It used to take me 30 minutes to get up to the gym, but I can do it in 15 now. My bike is fast! I’m getting good at banking the corners too, even with those skinny tires I have. At first I was too afraid to try it, but then one day I sailed around a corner and naturally leaned into it, and I was hooked. Continue reading

Can we change Rape Culture? Changing Me Too to Not Us

The #MeToo Campaign has been going on for a few months now, and ever single time I see a Me Too post, my stomach knots up, my throat closes and I have to choke back tears. Every single time.

A year ago, my son wrote this open letter to his daughters, my granddaughters. I am asking you to read it, digest it, and share it. Please join me in a new campaign to help the next generation to be filled with #NotMe and #NotUs.  Continue reading

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