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How do you alleviate stress?

For me, beach time alleviates stress. It’s almost impossible to hang on to stress or worry when I’m at the beach.

For me, it's beach time, that helps with stress

I’ve been feeling stressed these last few days, trying to get everything done before leaving on Weds for the East Coast. I have a hard time allowing myself time to fit in fun or even time at the beach.

Do you do that? How do you get rid of stress when you have so much on your plate?


  1. What a timely question! This seems to be a stressful time of year for many. I envy you the beach solution. Two things work for me. One, I make lists. They help me feel in control, even if I never refer back to them after I’ve written them. And two, our little hot tub. Never thought I’d use one. But out in the woods, late at night, when it’s pitch black (no street lights here), floating in hot water; it’s womb-like. I can breathe. Our connection to water, right?

  2. I used to enjoy a soak in the tub when I was younger and feeling stressed. Hadn’t thought to do that in a very long time. The beach is definitely a great place to unwind and forget your cares. Hope you have enjoyed a stress-free week.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-12-11 at 05:11

      I used to soak in the tub too…years ago. We had a 6 foot antique claw-foot bath tub that was also very deep. It was heavenly. I don’t even have a bath tub now. Thank you – my week is pretty busy, but at least I’m with family.

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