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The science of it all…

I learned about science as a kid, and sometimes first hand. We were that poor family who had old cars on our property and I would play in them at times. Like the old DeSoto that had a steering wheel so big I could sit in it and roll from side to side swinging myself about.

learning about science

That old car also had a few things stored in it. There was an old musty army tent taking up the entire back seat, and one day it caught fire. The sun had hit the back window, which acted like a magnifying glass and set the tent to blaze.

Which almost happened to my face this morning. Continue reading

Sunday Sharing from Just Chillin with Carrie and Kat

I discovered a wonderful post from Just Chillin with Carrie and Kat this week, and I’d like to share it with you.

They are also new to the blogging scene, but have quickly made a name for themselves. I love how they introduce their blog and invite us to join in:

“Welcome to Chillin With Carrie and Kat..Just like our name sounds please pull up a cozy chair, a blanket if it’s chilly or open the window if it’s a warm summer night and Chill with us. We will be offering tips and resources we have learned about being a Newbie Blogger. Reviews about wine, wineries and all things associated with wining and dining. Lastly, we will share our thoughts, desires, and discoveries about being Women who are hitting their Mid Life Stride.” 

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We teach people how to treat us

I’ve been called out a few times for sharing too much here on my blog. Every time this happens it shakes me slightly. I start to question my motives, and self-doubt creeps in. Which is interesting, because working through self-doubt is really why I’m doing this.

Most of my life I’ve been told to be quiet and keep my ‘dirty laundry’ hidden. Other people have told me how I should be acting, what I should be saying, how I am supposed to think, and even how I’m supposed to look.

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Balancing Act

I’ve always been more of the “destination” type of person versus the “journey” sort. I just want to get there, as fast as I can. I’m learning to change that slowly, partly thanks to my husband.

If there is a long way to get somewhere, he will find it. That man loves taking the back roads. Most times when we would get a chance to go visit our granddaughters, who lived about three and a half hours away, it would be a journey. A few times when my daughter in law would text me to find out our ETA, I would send back just two words “John’s driving”. She knew to tack an extra half hour on to our arrival time.

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Let’s do this together

Thought I’d try something a little different. I recorded this yesterday because I knew it would take me awhile to figure out how to post it and share it with you!

I started the Fast Metabolism Diet on Monday. I can’t tell you it’s great or it works yet. But if you want to follow along, I’ll be posting a video once a week to let you know how it’s going.

I joined a gym and I’m working out too. Yeah, it’s time. I don’t normally like going to a gym. I’ve always stayed fit by riding my bike, or playing tennis…you know, doing something fun! But 58 is kicking my butt, so I’m fighting back. I started a NIA class and I have to say, I LOVE it. 

Asking Google what NIA classes are: “Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes – body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers.”

So join me if you want, or cheer me on if you can. I figured it’s more fun if we do this together.  😉

Would you trade time for money?

Two things start to stand out most, as I get closer to 60.

Time and Money

I’m going to run out of time, there’s no getting out of that one. And, will I have enough money to live comfortably during that time? Better yet, what could I do with enough money to help other people?

So, I  have a couple of questions for you to ponder: 


            If you were given a million dollars today with the stipulation that you would have to give up the last ten years of your life, would you do it?

           If so, why?

Would you trade time for money?

In Search of Cherry Pie

I’ve loved cherry pie every since the first one my mom made for me. We picked sour cherries each summer in Michigan and mom would make the best pies from those cherries. The funny thing is, I can’t seem to find one that tastes like hers. And I’ve searched, believe me, and so has my family.

Last year I finally went back to Michigan to see my family. We tend to see each other during times of stress or for funerals and I needed this visit to just be about spending time with them. I’m pretty sure it had been twenty years since I’d been back and I was excited to see my sisters at the airport waiting for me.

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Aging in the era of ageism

Someone please stop me if I get on a rant here. My fear is once I open up this can of irritation towards ageism, I won’t stop complaining.

But let’s talk about this for just a minute. I’ve been experiencing ageist behavior, every since I turned 50. It started with my glasses.

I’ve been wearing reading glasses for most of my adult life. I am extremely far-sighted and can spot an eagle a mile away. That part is really cool. And needing glasses to read wasn’t so bad until I reached that certain age.

All of a sudden I would get comments like, “Can I hold this farther away so you can see it?” or “Uh oh, must be getting old, you need glasses!”. And there have been many more statements said in that vein. Why do people do that?

Just because I wear glasses doesn't mean I'm old

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Life Changes – Part one

I didn’t intend to be in another relationship at 20, but there I was living with a man in a tiny home in Bend Oregon. I met Joseph in July of 1979 and by the fall of that year we were living together.

It only seemed natural to move my belongings and my cat in with his belongings and his cat. I had a kitten named Joe when we met and it didn’t take long before my boyfriend’s name became Joseph instead of Joe.

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Eclipsed by regret

I’ve been accused of having FOMO more than once. You know, Fear of Missing Out? Apparently it’s become such a big deal that it needs its own acronym. I used to take offense to it, thinking I was somehow a bad person because I had it.

I don’t really care anymore. I would rather be accused of having FOMO than regret. Which is where I am today, feeling regret.

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Jump in, the water’s fine

The other day I shared a blog post called A Look Inside. I wrote about feeling off that day, and shared that I spent the day trying to understand why. I got a lot of very nice feedback on it, and several people shared some of their off moments with me too.

I like that so many people have commented and shown support. And I’m using several different platforms to share my blog, in hopes to reach people who can either relate, or just find my stories interesting.

I am also learning as I go, which is sort of the point of the blog. You know, reach 60 and be wise, healthy, happy and content. One thing I’m learning is that there is a bias towards sharing one emotion: Happiness.

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Do this, try that, this works better, don’t do that!

Low fat, high fat,

Low carbs, balanced carbs,

Do jumping jacks daily, don’t do high impact,

Never eat bananas again, just eat fruit, fruit is bad,

Bread is bad, grains are bad, eat whole grains,

Don’t eat legumes, just eat beans and rice,

You must do 60 minutes of cardo daily, just do 30 mins of cardo 3x per week,

Don’t eat meat, eat lots of meat,

Eat fish, don’t eat farmed fish,

The only way to lose fat is to exercise, there’s no need to exercise to lose weight,

No coffee, coffee is good for you,

No butter, put butter in your coffee,

Dairy is out, dairy is okay,

Eat everything, don’t eat anything,

No added sugar!


Okay, got that? Yeah, me too.


Trying to figure out what the best diet and exercise routine is best for you?

A look inside

I’m off today.

I don’t mean like off from work, I mean off emotionally.

We had a busy weekend working on a home we own that’s about six hours away from us. Each time we have been between tenants, we would head to the house to clean and paint and kept it looking good. We had renters in it for the past couple of years, and since they are out, it was time to go get it ready to sell.

We arrived on Friday night and were immediately disappointed by the state of the house. We’ve had renters in it before that have left it dirty and in disrepair, but this time was different.

The house was, for lack of a better word, worn. It was like stepping inside a once beautiful masterpiece, that was now faded and torn and lacking any luster of it’s glory years. It was sad to see it like that, and it got us down.

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Here, there and underwear

You know that saying, “If they can put a man on the moon, then why can’t they…”? Well, if they have figured out how to put a man on the moon, why hasn’t someone figured out how to make comfortable underwear?

I don’t know about you guys, but us ladies have the oddest choices in undies. It runs the gamut between granny panties and thongs. We all pretend we don’t have any granny panties, but come on, most of us have a pair or two crumpled up in the back of our underwear drawer.

I bet you will find some boy shorts too, in that drawer. Who thought of those? They were all the rage for a minute and I still have a pair or two. I think I stopped wearing them about the time my husband was helping me fold our laundry, and he accidentally put them in his pile.

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Just the way I am

I started this blog less than a month ago. My intention was to share my story, and to be authentic along the way. I had this sense that I was racing towards 60 and still trying to figure out life. I want to reach that age feeling confident, wiser, and healthy.

So I just began.

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The shape of things to come

My husband loves to tell me stories of friends from school, even as far back as kindergarten. I am always amazed he can remember so much from so long ago.

I don’t recall much of my grade school years. Except in second grade, my older brother David had a hearing issue and was held back the prior year, so he was now in second grade with me. He hated that, especially when people would ask if we were twins.

The first day of sixth grade stands out clearly. It was a month after our mom died, and I think I was nervous about getting ready for school without Mom’s help. I’m not sure if my sister fixed my hair, of if I did. I don’t recall what I was wearing.

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Young Loretta’s growing old…

One of the lovely things about growing old, is unwanted facial hair!

Young Loretta’s growing old

E eye E eye oh!

But at 15 she plucked her brows

E eye E eye o

With a pluck pluck here and a pluck pluck there,

Here a pluck, there a pluck,

Everywhere a pluck pluck.

Now she has to pencil in,

E eye E eye Oh…

But on her face she grows stray hairs


So she pluck plucks here and she pluck plucks there,

Here a pluck, there a pluck,

Everywhere a pluck pluck.

Young Loretta’s getting old,

E eye E eye Oh

Looking down she’s losing hair,

E eye E eye OH!

With a trim trim here and a trim trim there,

Here a trim there a trim, careful not to do too much trim trim

Young Loretta’s getting old,

Eek I eek oh no!

Young Loretta’s getting old,

And, this part sucks, you know?

Am I really losing hair down there?


All alone

Love my alone time on the beach

I used to think I was the kind of person who didn’t like being alone. Maybe because growing up, I never was. We had a full house and I shared a bedroom with my sister, Janet. We were very different and sharing a room with her was a challenge to say the least. She would probably say the same thing about me.

One time Dad said we could paint our room. I wanted to paint it pink and Janet wanted black. See what I mean about different? I think we ended up with both colors, but black is what stands out most in my memory. She was a talker too. As soon as we went to bed, she would start chatting away and I would fall asleep listening to her. But for all of our differences, we were sisters and we had each other.

For most of my life I’ve lived with someone, so I guess I just figured I “needed” to have people around me. I’ve even been accused, more than once, of being afraid to be alone.

Sometimes when people share their observation of me, I will start to question my own beliefs. That can be a slippery slope to taking on someone else’s idea of who I am.

At 51, I got the opportunity to see who I really was. I found myself in a position of being truly alone for the first time in my life. I lived by myself in California, far from friends and family. I worked from home, so I didn’t have an opportunity to make connections with colleagues. I was alone. Sometimes for days and weeks on end.

I spent a year living like that, and came to realize I wasn’t afraid at all. Yes, I was lonely, but I wasn’t afraid. I set about creating my own space, exactly the way I wanted it. And for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to share anything. And I liked it.

Yes, I’m happily married now, and yes, I love all of my people. I can even see myself having a commune.

But this morning, sitting in my house writing this, I am happy with alone.

Weekend Woes…

I hate filing tax returns!! So much so, that I put it off…for like years.

When I was younger I thought it was a right of passage, now it’s just a pain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with paying taxes, just not figuring out the paperwork.

How about you? What do you drag your feet about?

Maybe I am my own Hero

I grew up on a farm in a small town in Michigan. I can tell you that it was a good childhood in most respects. We worked hard on our farm, and we had a big family so there was always someone to play with or talk to. My brother, Johnny and I were very close and he was sort of like a protector for me.

One time when I was probably six or seven, we were picking asparagus for a local farmer. We were paid 50 cents an hour. Cash. When it came time to get our money, we would stand in line waiting for some guy to put coins into our dirty hands. Johnny watched carefully and caught that the man was trying to under pay me and spoke up, demanding my fair share. He was always looking out for me, and I knew I could tell him anything.

Almost anything.

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