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Hiking Arizona – a trip to the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Lake Havasu

Part One: The Grand Canyon

My husband, John, travels to Arizona for work every couple of months or so. I’ve tagged along with him a few times, but this last week while he was busy working in Arizona, I was busy helping my daughter in law.

It was the week before Thanksgiving and John wasn’t going to be finished with work until late on Friday. So we decided since he was already there, I’d take the train from Santa Barbara to Flagstaff and meet up with him.

I like traveling by rail and thoroughly enjoy Los Angeles Union Station. Built in 1939, at a cost of $11 million, it still looks as grand as it did back then.   Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Our Thanksgiving started a little rough this year. We live in an old Victorian that was converted into apartments and the plumbing is about 100 years old. We have one tiny bathroom that is right off our kitchen and this morning wasn’t pretty.

The shower backed up with black water. Eww.  Continue reading

Let’s do this together – video – Holiday prep

It’s been a busy week preparing for Thanksgiving. Just a quick video to pop in and say hi and thank you, for encouraging me, supporting me, and cheering me on!

Thank You!!

Continue reading

Turkey Trot

I love Thanksgiving week. Most people have a short workweek, and are planning menus and family get-togethers. I just finished my grocery shopping and bought way too much food for our small gathering on Thursday.

But I’m okay with having an abundance of food in the coffers. It makes me feel like I’m a good ‘provider’, having lots of food in the house. I’ve stepped up my exercise game so to speak, also. John and I have been walking at least 5 miles each day, and I’ve put in time at the gym too. Continue reading


Thanksgiving is just a week away. For some reason, the last three months of the year seem to fly by much more quickly than the beginning of the year. It’s like when you have kids. As soon as they become teenagers, it feels like a minute goes by before they are grown and out the door.

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons why I like Thanksgiving so much is because of those kids. They loved everything I cooked and did for the holiday. We used to trace their little hands onto different colored construction paper and cut them out to make paper turkeys. Continue reading

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