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Weekend – Reading, Riding and ‘Rithmatic

I am so excited and honored to be reading one of my published posts for Santa Barbara’s Arts and Lectures Out Loud series. I’ll be at The Culture Club Sunday evening reading my post…#OutLoud.

My first reading at OutLoud

But first, on Friday we snuck off for a motorcycle ride up the coast to Cambria. It’s a cute little coastal town and the perfect destination for a short ride. We stayed the night so I could go hunting for stones at Moonstone Beach today.

Riding up Hwy 1…

Riding up Hwy. 1 – such a beautiful ride

Beach walk

My favorite place to be

Our weekend is all about one motorcycle, two riders and hopefully several audience members listening to my story. I hope your weekend adds up to exactly what you want.


Weekend – For the Dads

Happy Father’s Day weekend!

I hope you get to spend it with your Dad. My father has long since passed and my boys have grown, so I won’t be celebrating much.

Happy Father's Day to all of the great Dad's out there

My Dad

My husband’s kids are grown and gone too, but we will do something fun just the same. Continue reading

Weekend – Spoil

We have our granddaughters for the weekend. We get to spoil have them because their mom and dad are busy, so we are on duty.

And on our way to pick them up, we decided to stop in Studio City and visit the Dr. Martens store. I need a new pair of riding boats, and Doc Martens are the best.

John’s riding boots are about ten years old and he still loves them, and wanted to get me a pair too. How could I say no? Continue reading

Weekend – Beach life

I grew up on the beaches of Lake Michigan and I have been a beach lover ever since. It took me a few years, as in 30 plus, to move back to a beach town.

And I love it.

I grew up on a beach and it's in my soul

My beach town

Continue reading

Weekend – Wonder

I wonder what we will do this weekend?

I think it’s time to dust off the big bike and take her for a spin.

Off on the next adventure

The line up

John mapped out a route up into the mountains on some windy road that he found earlier, so we are heading off to explore. Continue reading

Weekend – Women

A weekend to celebrate women!

We missed seeing my Mother-in-law on Mother’s Day last Sunday, so we thought we would extend the holiday to this weekend and make the trip north to take her out to dinner. A friend of mine shared on her Facebook that she had to work on Mother’s Day and would miss not only seeing her mother, but also celebrating with her kids.

Continue reading

They say it’s your birthday

My birthday is a big deal to me.

I know birthdays are not a big deal for everyone, but for me, they’re important. Maybe it’s because I was born on Mother’s Day 1959 and I’ve shared my birthday with that holiday many times since.

Or maybe it’s because I only remember having ONE birthday party when I was a kid. And I’m pretty sure that was the time my brother stood on the fence and pee’d in front of everyone, effectively ruining my birthday.

He thought it was funny.

Continue reading

Weekend – Vacation!!

It’s vacation time!

By the time this post is published, we should be landing in Dublin, Ireland for the start of our vacation!

Landing in Dublin, Ireland for the beginning of our vacation!

View from our trip in 2013

I’ve always enjoyed journaling when traveling, so I hope to be able to share my journal here with you during our trip. Of course, I will be enjoying the views, time with John’s family, and exploring lots of castles and pubs.

Have a wonderful weekend, and may you have an amazing view!

Weekend – Day tripper

“She was a Day Tripper, one way ticket yeah”….

And by one way, I mean no backtracking!

It’s time to dust off the big bike and take it for a ride. John mapped out a fun loop to take today, and we are just about ready to hop on and go. We both love to find routes that take us on a loop, instead of coming back the way we went.

Do you love to go for a day ride on your motorcycle?

Ready for our day trip!

We love to take rides and never take the same way home.

Let’s take the long way home

I hope your weekend has a little adventure in store for you. And that you “take the long way home, uh yeah, take the long way home.”


Weekend – It’s all fun and games

Some weekends are all about fun and games!

We have the grandkids (and their parents) here this weekend, and we are having a blast. We hit the Moxi, kids museum here in Santa Barbara and us big kids had as much fun as the young ones.

Moxi Museum

Fun inside a video game!

After lunch it was off to the beach.

A bit windy but a great time at the beach!

I hope your weekend is FILLED with fun and games!

Weekend – on the bunny trail

We are on our way to spend Easter Weekend with John’s kids and mother! Hippity Hoppity

Are you traveling to see family for Easter?

Hopping down the bunny trail!

Are you traveling to spend Easter weekend with family? Is there an Easter Egg Hunt in your near future?

I hope you eat chocolate and find treasures this weekend!

Weekend – Rest, Recover, Regroup

We went from a Marathon to the Mountains, from Queen Mary to a Princess Birthday, and John worked through all of it. I think he needs a break to rest, recover and regroup.

After helping our oldest move first thing this morning, it was time to unpack the car. That’s right about when our energy ran out and rest became job one.

After a week of busy, it is time to relax.

Those feet don’t look too bad after a barefoot marathon!

Oh happy weekend! May yours be a relaxing one. 

Weekend – Getting ready for race day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my friends! I love this day because it reminds me of the best St. Patrick’s Day I’ve ever had, back in 2013.

We aren’t celebrating today, because we are busy getting ready to leave. We are heading to Los Angeles so John can pick up his race packet for tomorrow’s big race.

As you probably know, he is running the LA Marathon tomorrow, barefoot. Crazy, right? Continue reading

Weekend – Wedding Planning!

I’ve said before that my favorite job is Event Planning, and my favorite event is a wedding celebration!

I am in San Francisco meeting with the bride and groom to go over details. And what better place to do that than Mama’s in North Beach. It was worth getting in line early to be the first in the door.

Weekend wedding planning with the bride and groom

The beginning stages of planning a wedding

After breakfast we talked about everything from venues to honeymoon destinations. So very exciting! Continue reading

Weekend – laptop

I spend a lot of time on my laptop these days.

I’m writing my blog, searching for photos, scouring the internet for wedding venues for a client, searching for bed & breakfast places in Scotland, and almost all of my reading is on my laptop now.

I’ve owned this computer for three years, and I have so much on it, I spend way too much time looking for something that I know is here somewhere.

So I figure since I’m still recovering from a cold, and it’s raining here, I might as well spend some time organizing, deleting and generally cleaning up my life laptop.

It's a good weekend to spend some time cleaning up my laptop

I guess it’s as good a time as any to clean up my laptop

What are you doing this weekend? I hope you have a productive one!

Weekend – laying low

Are you good at laying low, and giving yourself time to just relax?

I’m beginning to think I’m not so good at it.

It’s a beautiful sunny 60 degree day here and the beach is calling me. Since I’m supposed to be laying low and recovering from a cold, I think a slow walk on the beach is in order.

A long stroll on the beach will help me feel better

Low tide at beautiful Hendry’s Beach

I’ll try not to look at the motorcycle or my bike as I head out. As tempting as they are, I know I need to give myself time to heal.

Drink, rest, repeat.

Happy Weekend. I hope your weekend brings you exactly what you need.


Weekend – Back…on track

A week on the road with John sure set my diet and exercise back! Not only did I spend a lot of time sitting, but I also reverted to my husband’s eating schedule. Eating two big meals per day works well for him.

For me, that plan doesn’t work so well. In January I went back to eating the way I have for most of my life. I eat five times per day, making sure to get breakfast in within 30 minutes of waking up. And at 58, it’s how I keep my metabolism going.

That and exercise.

Continue reading

Weekend – planning

One of the problems with living in sunny Santa Barbara is… it’s almost always sunny. All that sunshine makes me want to be outside playing. And all that playing makes it difficult to get other things done.

Like planning a trip or working on a fundraiser.

This morning’s cool marine layer gives us the perfect opportunity to stay in and get some work done. While John strategies about how to raise funds for victims of the Thomas Fire and Flood, I’m looking for tours of Clan Colquhoun Castle in Scotland.

If you look over on the right, there’s a link to click on and donate for John’s fundraiser, if you can. And if you know anything about Scotland or Clan Colquhoun, let me know. We could use your help.

I hope your weekend planning is off to a good start.


Weekend – Two wheeling

You know when you get something new and it becomes the favorite thing?

It get’s put at the top of the list and you almost forget the other things you love.

Every since we got our new bike, it has been the favorite new toy. And we have really enjoyed it!

two wheeling fun

running around the state on our new big bike

In January we pretty much spent every weekend on that bike. But this weekend we thought we’d dust off our other two wheelers and have some fun.  Continue reading

Weekend – Wanderers!

The Santa Ana winds are kicking up, bringing us warm weather…so you know what that means?

We are off to explore the countryside, via motorcycle. 

The great thing about this bike is, we can bring our overnight bags and let the road take us where it will.

I hope your weekend takes you to amazing places!

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