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Beats the alternative…

I’m sorry, but getting older sucks.

Yes, I know, you hear so many of us touting that it’s wonderful and amazing and enlightening and empowering but in all honesty, I’d take my 20 something year old body, over my 58-year-old body any day.

The other day, I plucked a black hair off my chin that was at least an inch long! First, how did that happen? And secondly, how did I not see it until it was an inch long? I think the biggest reason our near-sightedness gets worse as we age, is so we don’t see that sort of thing on our partner’s face.

That and all the wrinkles.

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Inspiration comes from the strangest places.

Have you ever seen that Modern Family episode where Phil tells his wife, Claire, that he had lunch with a colleague who recommended the wedge salad, and that she should try it? It’s one of my favorites, because Claire is upset with him, as she had been saying how great the wedge salad was for years… but Phil never listened.

I don’t think it’s that we don’t want to listen to our people; it’s just that we can’t hear them sometimes. Sometimes, it takes someone else saying the say thing, for our brains to connect.

I’ve been thin most of my life. Except for the last four years. Friends and family have offered good advice for what has worked for them. I’ve tried most, except one.

Last week, I had lunch with a very good friend of my son’s. He was in town visiting his family, and I hadn’t seen him in about seven years. It was great catching up and chatting about life. He’s one of those people who should probably be a motivational speaker because just about everything he says, you find yourself excited about.

I mentioned that losing weight in my 50’s has been so much harder than any time in my life. He chuckled and said he felt the same after 30. He mentioned that he went on the ketogenic diet and it worked well for him and he felt great. When I got home, I looked it up and pretty much started following it right away. I feel great, and I’ve lost five pounds already.

I told my husband about it, and he said (with a bit of frustration), “yeah, that’s the diet I’ve been telling you about…where you go into ketosis and burn fat”.

Next time, I’ll try to listen better.


The day after

I let it all hang out yesterday.

With encouragement from my husband, I posted my first revealing, realistic, relevant photo of myself…in my underwear. The truth is, I was nervous as hell. I was sure I was going to be publicly shamed, virtual stones thrown, maybe even rotten fruit and vegetables, all while everyone was laughing.

In reality, a couple of things happened. Luckily, not many people saw the photo. Of course, that was carefully executed on my part. I just started this blog and have very few followers. But the other thing that happened was, I got some really cool messages from people. All positive.

My favorite was from my sister. Her quote: “My sister, you have balls of steel! I am so proud of you!” I have to say, that made my day.

I also got a message from an old friend from high school. Started out pretty much the same as my sister’s comment… “balls… big ones”, which made me laugh. As we chatted via messenger, he also revealed to me something interesting. He said my glamour shot was impressive, but intimidating. And my reality shot put him at ease about his own self-image.

That was such a profound and honest statement.

I would bet most of us feel the same way. We have put our social persona on such a pedestal, and the stakes just keep getting higher and higher. Exposing and finding everyday, ordinary people is comforting, and relatable.

With that said…I did wake up and go for a bike ride first thing this morning. I don’t mind being relatable by exposing my fat…but hopefully I can continue to do that while getting back into a healthy body.

Exposing the truth

How did this happen?

Five years ago, I was in great shape and looked my best. I mean, just look at this picture!!

That’s the kind of picture you wish you could post and share. I was 53 and single, and did a glamour photo shoot for my then boyfriend, John.

Here I am five years later at 58, and wow, what a difference. Notice the practical, unsexy bra goes perfectly with the practical, unsexy underwear.

And…how did I get so out of shape??

The interesting thing about these photos; is you can’t tell by the first one, that I was a wreck. I was getting into yet another relationship. I was so scared and nervous, and I wasn’t eating. I was in shape thanks to the stress diet.

The second photo shows an out of shape (let’s just go ahead and say, fat), comfortable, married…happy woman. Sure, I need to lose 30 pounds and yes, I need to get in shape so that I stay healthy, but the outside isn’t all there is to us.

It’s funny, when I decided to write this, I thought I’d be exposing my fat and talking about dieting and getting back into shape. I think I just had a light bulb moment…

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