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Turkey Trot

I love Thanksgiving week. Most people have a short workweek, and are planning menus and family get-togethers. I just finished my grocery shopping and bought way too much food for our small gathering on Thursday.

But I’m okay with having an abundance of food in the coffers. It makes me feel like I’m a good ‘provider’, having lots of food in the house. I’ve stepped up my exercise game so to speak, also. John and I have been walking at least 5 miles each day, and I’ve put in time at the gym too.

I figure it’s a trade-off. I get to eat all of that yummy food on Thursday, guilt free, and I feel good from all of the walking too. I looked into joining in the annual Turkey Trot here and may do that again.

SB Turkey Trot 2009

Loretta at the Santa Barbara 2009 Turkey Trot

SB Turkey Trot 2009

Adam – 2009 Turkey Trot

I did it a few years back and it was a lot of fun. My oldest son joined me and it propelled us to run a half marathon the following spring. But I’m probably not going to be doing that again.

Before the half marathon

All smiles before the half marathon

Have you run a half marathon? It’s 13.1 miles, which really isn’t that far. We were running along just fine and at about mile 10 I thought, “This is easy!” I’m not sure what happened in the next mile but by the time mile 11 marker was in sight I was not only thinking, but saying out loud, “Okay, I’m done, get me off this course!”

Mile 11 of the half marathon, I was so tired!

I had to take a photo of this!

We managed to make it across the finish line, and I still have the medal and jersey to prove I did it. But let’s just say I don’t need one of those cool racks to display all of my marathon medals.

I thought maybe I’d run a full marathon one day, but between my foot and my knees, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Wow, that just sounded like a big fat excuse. We’ll see, maybe I’ll change my mind one day.

Meanwhile that 4 mile Turkey Trot sounds just about right.

What about you, are you getting out there and moving around before the big dinner? Does your family participate in an annual run or maybe football game?

I hope you’re enjoying your week and you have something fun planned for Thanksgiving. If you need a place to eat, come on over, we have more than enough to share.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! As you know, its not something we have here in the UK, but I am determined one day, to be in the US for thanksgiving. I am preparing for Christmas though! I have some weight that I would like to shift, so have been following weight watchers to help me do this, and also prepare for the Christmas over indulgences! Have an amazing time with your family xxx

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-11-22 at 06:42

      Thank you Kerry. Funny, I was just looking into Weight Watchers yesterday. Thinking of joining.

  2. “Turkey Trot” is a great name for it 😀 Enjoy your Thursday gathering!

  3. I ran my second turkey trot this year. My time was considerably slower than last year’s inaugural run, I think because I’ve had a lot of trouble with my right leg. But I was just satisfied, content to run the whole way and cross the finish line. How fabulous that you conquered mile 11, 12 and 13.1 of that half marathon!! Bravo!I can only dream of running a half-marathon because I know it will never happen. Guess my half marathon comes in a smaller size, 3.106 miles!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-11-29 at 06:51

      Good for you! I pretty much walked this year’s turkey trot, because I walked with my son. He has a back injury and cannot run. It’s all about having fun and getting out there.

      So true….take it in small sizes! Nothing wrong with that. 🙂

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