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Weekend – Back…on track

A week on the road with John sure set my diet and exercise back! Not only did I spend a lot of time sitting, but I also reverted to my husband’s eating schedule. Eating two big meals per day works well for him.

For me, that plan doesn’t work so well. In January I went back to eating the way I have for most of my life. I eat five times per day, making sure to get breakfast in within 30 minutes of waking up. And at 58, it’s how I keep my metabolism going.

That and exercise.

I have been doing a minimum of 30 minutes of walking, six days per week, as well as weight training three days per week. While I did get some walking in this past week, it was nowhere near enough. What I did get enough of was food.

Words like, “it’s Valentine’s Day” and “you’re on vacation” (which I really wasn’t) kept pushing me to eat more than I needed and to “cheat”. I reward myself every Saturday, after a week of staying on track, but if it’s not Saturday and I’m eating too much, that’s cheating.

So, I’m back. Back home and back on track.

After a week of diminished exercise and eating too much, I'm back home and back on track.

How are you doing? Did your resolve weaken over Valentine’s Day? How do you get back on track?




  1. Gosh, you look pretty in blue. I can feel your ‘pain’ because I have hardly moved since I hurt my toe. And while I could have at least tried to stick to eating better, I haven’t even done that.
    But guess what? We can get back on track together. It’s okay. And everything will be alright. We can start again NOW!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2018-02-19 at 09:15

      Ok, so how did you hurt your toe? I messed up my right foot a few years ago, and now have a fused big toe 🙁

      Yes, let’s do this together Leslie!! I’m off to get my exercise in now!

      • My foot got stuck in my pj bottoms and when I yanked to pull it through, my foot hit the door frame. Broke my foot at my left pinkie toe. Wonder how a fused big toe looks? My feet were funky on their own but now this toe and it’s little buddy to the right are leaning on each other. Maybe they are fusing themselves together?

        Off to the gym today, for sure! High five, girl. We’ve got this!

  2. I definitely went off the rails around Valentine’s Day. My son and I snagged a tray of mini-cupcakes, and the story I told myself was “It’s his last Valentine’s Day living at home!” (He’s a high school senior.) Of course, he doesn’t care if I eat cupcakes or not–in fact he probably would have preferred to have them all to himself. So my story was … um, B.S. I’m back on track and choosing better stories now. Got most of my exercise this morning shoveling wet, heavy snow!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2018-02-20 at 14:39

      yep…I have a bunch of good (or shall I say, bad) stories I like to tell myself too! I would like to add, “at least they are mini-cupcakes!”

      Glad you are back on track!

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