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Weekend Book Signing

John wrote a book, with my help, a few years back. The reason I say with my help, is because it’s about us, and how we met.

He was an online dating advice columnist for the Benicia Herald and had about two columns under his belt when we met. I had helped my son edit a magazine he started in Santa Barbara a few years earlier, so when John told me about his columns (on our first date), I offered to take a look at them.

Online dating columnist, book author

That started a long journey of getting to know each other… or maybe I should say, circling around each other. He would write a weekly column usually about things we had discussed, and then send it to me to edit before submitting to his actual editor.

What eventually became clear to me was, though he was writing about himself, he was also writing about us, two 50 somethings who were navigating towards each other…carefully.

The book is a compendium of those columns along with a behind the scenes narration of our coming together. Let’s just say, it wasn’t an easy road.

It’s called Romeo’s Dilemma and we are doing  Indie Author Day at our local library. Should be fun!

Romeo's Dilemma Book

I wasn’t going to share this part of my story just yet, but for those of you who like to read ahead, and want to read his side of the story, you can find the book here: Romeo’s Dilemma

Heading to a Indi Author book signing


  1. I am so excited! I love reading your stories, and now to read both sides! I don’t know when I’ll actually get a chance to sit down and read it, but it’s in my Amazon cart for when I can fit it in. I love real life love stories. I’m such a romantic. My kids always make fun of me because they can be watching a movie, and I’ll be in the kitchen, and I always walk in when there is a kissing scene. I try to walk in stealthily, but they always notice. Kids don’t miss a thing.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-10-21 at 15:31

      Thank you Trudy! It’s a fun read, and can easily be broken up into digestible pieces! I am a romantic too…so cute that your kids know you are a romantic. It’s a good thing 😉

      • Trudy Callan

        2017-10-21 at 19:05

        I’ll try to fit it in sooner than later. You’re right. It is a good thing. They pretend to be disgusted when Marty and I kiss or hug. All Rated G of course.

  2. How exciting! I would love to read that book. I think that real love stories are so much more satisfying because of the ups and downs (says the girl who learnt a lot about love from Disney).

    I love the story you’re telling but I think I came in late. I know it’s annoying but I like to begin, at the beginning. Which post should I read first?

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-10-21 at 16:58

      Hi Wendy! I created a page “the story” which has the post that just relate to my story. Head over there and go back to the beginning (if you like). Thank you as always for reading dear one!! 🙂

  3. PS. Your hubby is very handsome. You make a very attractive couple. ;D

  4. Julie Augustyn

    2017-10-21 at 17:49

    You’re such a good writer! I bet the book is wonderful! Well of course it is because it’s about your love story!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-10-21 at 18:41

      Ha! Thank you Julie. John wrote this one, with my help. It was fun/crazy collaborating on it. And, it is a pretty fun story for sure.

  5. This is great! How did the signing go?

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-10-22 at 08:47

      It was fun. They had a guest speaker, Elizabeth Hunter, who has many Indie books out. And a few workshops that were fun. The signing part was pretty much just us Indie Authors. So I had the idea to give the book away to other authors in exchange for reviews! Everyone loved it and we all started exchanging books.

  6. Woohoo, that’s wonderful about his book! Cheering you both on 🙂

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