What a busy time of year!

This month started out with a fire that would ultimately turn into the largest fire in California history. We were busy traveling to the East Coast to help my youngest son and his family pack up, graduate from Test Pilot School, and move across the country.

Throw in Christmas and escaping from The Thomas Fire, and you can see how things may have gotten a bit crazy for a while.

But the fun is not over.

Today is my first-born son’s 34th birthday. We started celebrating yesterday and I made him a favorite dinner last night, complete with a birthday cake.

My son's 34th birthday

Happy Birthday Adam!

Today, John and I are off on a mini adventure. 

Since we are just about the only ones not experience a bitter cold front, we are taking our new bike on a mini tour of Southern California. A few years ago, we rented a motorcycle in Florida to tour the Keys, and we knew then we wanted to get a big touring bike.

We rented a motorcycle in Florida to tour the Keys

Thanks to RMM for a great rental bike!

So we are off! Go enjoy your weekend and I’ll check back in with you later.