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Weekend – in preparation

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are in full-scale preparation mode for December, but maybe not how you’d imagine. We need to buy gifts and get the house decorated, but there is so much more going into this year’s festivities.

Today we are preparing by getting John fitted for a tuxedo. We have a very special formal event in December.

I have never seen that man in a suit, so I am excited about this one!

Getting fitted for a tux      John getting fitted for a tux

Getting fitted for a tux

Oh, the look on that face    

going for a classic style

Going for a classic style

Wow, is he going to look sharp! Checking this off my list, we quickly walked back home for a long list of “need to get done” chores.

The reason I’m good at event planning is, I can see all of the pieces in my head. At once. All of the preparation that needs to be done is filed in my brain and checking each item off the list will help me sleep better.

Off to tackle the garage next. We need to make room in the house, so that means more things squeezed into the garage. We will be having a full house come December, and we need to be ready!

clean up time

John is a good sport and knows me well. I can get a little singular in my focus, but he’s good at making sure I find time for fun too. Thanks to him, we did start the morning with an early ride.

riding our bikes

taking time away from preparations to enjoy the morning

The best way to start the day

I hope your weekend is productive….and you find time for fun too. Have a great weekend!


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