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Weekend – Wedding Planning!

I’ve said before that my favorite job is Event Planning, and my favorite event is a wedding celebration!

I am in San Francisco meeting with the bride and groom to go over details. And what better place to do that than Mama’s in North Beach. It was worth getting in line early to be the first in the door.

Weekend wedding planning with the bride and groom

The beginning stages of planning a wedding

After breakfast we talked about everything from venues to honeymoon destinations. So very exciting!

As John and I were walking back to our hotel, we stumbled upon one of our favorite places. Five years ago we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with John’s brother, Brian, at one of the best Italian places in North Beach.

And what better place to celebrate an Irish holiday, than an Italian restaurant, right?

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the night before our wedding at Sodini's in North Beach

Sodini’s holds a special place in my heart

We were actually celebrating more than just St. Patrick’s Day that evening. But that’s a story for a different day.

Was fun to walk past Sodini's and remember the night before our wedding

That night was one of our all time favorite celebrations

May your weekend be filled with love and celebration!


  1. You are so busy! And talented…

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