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Would you trade time for money?

Two things start to stand out most, as I get closer to 60.

Time and Money

I’m going to run out of time, there’s no getting out of that one. And, will I have enough money to live comfortably during that time? Better yet, what could I do with enough money to help other people?

So, I  have a couple of questions for you to ponder: 


            If you were given a million dollars today with the stipulation that you would have to give up the last ten years of your life, would you do it?

           If so, why?

Would you trade time for money?


  1. Nope i’d rather have the time with family and friends than money


    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-09-11 at 13:57

      I totally get that Jane. But don’t you feel like we are doing that 5 days a week? Giving up our time for money?

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-09-11 at 15:42

      I agree Jane. But it’s interesting to ponder the idea. What if that time was spent with dementia or Alzheimer’s?

  2. This is a tough one! I could help so many people with that money!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-09-11 at 15:43

      Right? And…what if those 10 years were spent in chronic pain? Always pondering life…

  3. This is a good question, however, my answer is, “NO” because I love my family too much to jip them my years. Now if the offer were a BILLION dollars I might change my mind ?

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-09-12 at 05:00

      Right, I must have had a Dr. Evil moment…I want One Million Dollars!

  4. No. I’m 56 and I don’t want to miss a MOMENT of my life.
    🙂 gwingal

  5. Growing up extremely poor, I vowed I would not be a poor adult! I started babysitting at 11 and bought my first car off the showroom floor at 17. I paid cash and counted out $3411.92. That was a lot of hours at 50 cents an hour wages! My husband and I have worked hard all our lives to get ahead and are finally comfortable but it has come with a high cost of not enjoying life like we should have and now I suffer from chronic pain. Had someone made that offer at 18, I’m sure I would have gone for it. But at this age? No, I would not take a million dollars for 10 years of my life-I’m hoping to enjoy what time I have left. Money or no money, enjoy your life, Loretta, and it looks like you are!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-09-18 at 10:07

      Thank you Mary! I love your story. I totally understand the part about not wanting to be a poor adult. As you know, I grew up extremely poor also. I hope you are enjoying your life now…it’s your time. But I’m sorry about the chronic pain… that one is a tough one to understand unless you have been there.

  6. Nope. Keep the cash. Gimme time!

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